Yoga Santa Teresa Costa Rica
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Beachfront Yoga & Pilates

Ease into perfect relaxation moving and breathing to the rhythmic sound of ocean waves, and gazing upon lush tropical gardens. It's the perfect ambiance for an amazing holiday yoga and pilates experience. We have a fully equipped, beachfront Pilates studio and two yoga decks.

Specialized Classes

We offer beginner, advanced and private daily classes by our certified instructors including ungravity yoga, acro yoga, couples yoga, kids yoga, family yoga and health fitness classes.

Yoga Retreats

There are yoga retreats you can sign up for throughout the year in our two beachfront yoga decks. Yoga will keep you centered, flexible, relaxed and peaceful during your stay. We provide mats, blocks, straps and other props to use during the class.


Led by movement therapist, pilates and fitness trainer and educator Lauren Ferioli, our pilates classes begin and end with alignment, lengthening and strengthening our bodies from the center outward, impacting the health our bodies, our lives and the world around us.


See our schedule below. We recommend you pre-register in person or call the front desk at Yoga & Spa Natural (506) 2640-0062 ext 4 to verify space availability and instructor status. Namaste.

8 AM Vinyasa Krama Yoga Flow Asthanga Yoga Flow Yoga Flow Asthanga Yoga Flow
Valentina Daniel Christophe Daniel Daniel Christophe Christophe
9 AM

Pilates CircuitStyle

Pilates CircuitStyle

Lauren Lauren
9:30 AM

Pilates BarreCore

Pilates BarreCore

Pilates BarreCore

Lauren Lauren Lauren
4 PM Yoga Flow Yin Yoga Hip Openers Yin Yoga Surfer's Yoga Vinyasa Krama Yoga Flow
Christophe Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Valentina Christophe



Single Class $14 Four Class Card $44 Eight Class Card $64


$80: Solo

$48 (pp): Duo ($96/session)

$36 (pp): Trio ($108/session)

Group BarreCore & PilatesMat Classes - single class $16/class

Group CircuitStyle &TRX Classes (6 max) single class $20/class

*Private Classes Available

yoga meditation

Meditations & Ceremonies

At Tropico Latino groups have the great opportunity to take part in authentic spiritual and cultural ceremonies led by Maria Milagro and other local practitioners. These ceremonies are a great addition to a retreat. Please let us know if you have any questions.
The Rainbow Bridge Meditation

This is a meditation that helps connect us with the elements, energy and the mother earth. It is a natural time to feel the reality and harmony of everything and a time to come together to heighten the level of vibration of our planet. This information comes from the Mayan culture and from the movement named Law Out of Time

1 Hour
$10 per person (minimum 6) or $50 if paid by retreat

Peace Pipe Ceremony (Chanupa Moon)

The Chanupa or Peace Pipe is an instrument used to reunite the circle either in front of the grandfather fire or not. This is an action to elevate prays to the grand spirit, the universe or the moon with the intention of giving thanks for something, to ask for help, to ask for guidance or to connect us to everything. This is a ritual passed on from the Traditions of the American Indigenous.

90min-2hrs (depends on the amount of people)
$12 per person (minimum 10) or $90 if offered by the retreat

Women´s Circle
This is a circle where women come together to share emotions and feelings and is also a space to share and believe in the unity of sisterhood. It is a beautiful space to make to become more conscious in our lives, in our role in humanity and to also awaken our femininity.
A space to give thanks, pray, dance,create, think, sing and cry. This ceremony can be put together with the Chanupa ceremony or not.


90/120 min
Price: $12 per person or $90 if paid by the retreat

Temazcal (Sweat lodge Ceremony)

This is a purification ceremony which is held inside of an igloo like structure that symbolizes the mother earths womb. This is where we go to detoxify, pray, purify, relieve blocked emotions, connect to the mother earth and to rebirth with a new energy.

Hosted by: Oso en Pie.

3 to 4 hours.

10-15 people $50 per person

16-20 people $40 per person

$500 if paid by retreat (minimum amount)

Energy or Aura Cleanse

A way to create balance and self awareness. This energy clean will not only balance chakras but will also clean out any negative energies that linger in the body.

1 Session


Daniel yoga instructor

Daniel Castro

Daniel’s approach to Yoga has a very human touch that combines classes of all levels of physical difficulty together with the scientific and philosophical concepts that allow students to go deeper into the foundational aspects of traditional yoga without losing any of the contemporary approach to it, he is also a member of ASOYOGA (the costarican Yoga association) and is registered as an experienced teacher in Yoga Alliance, he was certified as a Yoga teacher for 300 hours in 2011, for 235 hours in traditional Thai massage and has also completed a Vipassana course along with other courses and workshops.

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The ocean has been a high influence in his style of teaching and after studying with several teachers that are world renowned, Daniel likes to say that the ocean has been his greatest teacher, being in Tropico Latino you’ll experience the close contact with nature, flowing through the postures in a safe and elegant way as you witness the beauty of our beachfront deck.
Jessica yoga instructor

Jessica Chea

Jessica initially came to yoga looking to gain flexibility; however, ended up uncovering something so much more valuable than that - the incredible power of being present now and how stilling the mind can provide clarity as we move through our experiences.Now as an experienced 200-hour yoga instructor and a certified acro instructor, she carries these yogic philosophies to energetic classes while guiding students to maintain a certain lightness in their practices.

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Throughout Jessica's path she has trained with some of the greatest yoga & acro teachers worldwide, but her greatest lessons have all evolved from a constant learning from her very own students. The one thing that remains constant in this path is the consistency of the breath, the amazing power of moving slow and being fully present; all of which are strongly conveyed in each class, so be prepared to find your inner peace.