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    Life is short, life is beautiful

    Organized by True I Breathe Fitness

    Our fitness retreat is a 7-day/6-night escape where you will be trained by a fitness coach, eat luscious meals and exercise in a friendly, non-competitive environment. You will get to experience a variety of workouts, yoga, surf, activities.

    And moments where you can just relax, enjoy the sun and what Costa Rica has to offer. Along with the schedule we will have planned out, you will also be free to decide whenever you feel like skipping out on a training session to go explore.

    We have handpicked the best activities that you can add to your trip, to offer yourself the best vacation.

    For the team I BREATHE FITNESS, it’s important to create a good karma vacation by respecting the environment and the culture where ever we decide to offer our retreats in the world. That's why we organize a half day voluntary activity in which we give back to the Costa Rican community.

    Ebonie Finley


    Growing up with a mother that is a chef, food was always a big thing for Ebonie. Then, as an international model, she learned how to be able to have fun with food but still being healthy and making sure your body gets the right nutrients. With a diploma in nutrition and weight loss management, Ebonie can now help others find the perfect balance between the pleasure of eating and eating well for their needs.
    Besides food, Ebonie also completed a bachelor’s in Marketing. She is best described as a world traveller that has a passion for fitness, yoga, surf and spending as much time as possible on the beach.
    Devon teaches many various yoga styles and loves to incorporate the more spiritual aspects of yoga into her classes, encouraging her students to delve into self-inquiry and staying present through pranayama. All the while, Devon still finds time for her other job: being a mom to four small children and two rescue dogs.

    Andrea Croxen
    Andrea is a certified yoga teacher; she’s always been involved in physical activities since she's twelve year-old. Having parents that were driven and focused on training and nutrition, she has followed her parents' footsteps in her own terms. She has found her style of expression.
    She’s been teaching around Canada and has given multiple yoga workshops. Andrea loves to learn and continues her studies in yoga, anatomy and healthy living (mentally and physically). She also completed a degree in P.R. and has travelled to many different Europe locations/ Dubai & Lebanon / Costa Rica and road trip the entire U.S.A.
    Andrea is our Head Yoga Teacher. She is super excited to host you during your vacation with I BREATHE FITNESS.

    Karl Boissonneault
    Karl is born in one of the most vibrating Canadian cities, Montréal. He was only 24 years old when he started his first business. Since then, he has two other successful businesses. He’s full of energy with plenty og new ideas. Always ready to get going on a new adventure or just to hit the gym. His whole life is about being active. His life background is about fitness, martial arts and sports. For him, fitness is something that is helpful in all fields of life.
    He firmly believes that focusing on fitness, eating right and exercise correctly will always reap benefits. Being bold and spontaneous is a tantamount to his personality. He's been living all his life following this motto ‘’ If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!’’

    Now that we got you pumped, here’s what you can expect during your trip!

    • Renowned Fitness Trainers
    • Nutrition Classes
    • Creative Yoga Classes
    • Daily Fitness Session
    • Daily meals cooked by Notable Chef
    • Surf Lessons
    • One-Hour Massage Session
    • Surprise activity personalized for every retreat
    • Goody Bag
    • Daily Housekeeping Service
    • One-on-One meeting with a Fitness Trainer
    • Closing Night Party
    • Intern transportation from airport to villa/hotel
    • $2,795 US
  • Start Date Monday, 01 May 2017
  • End Date Sunday, 07 May 2017