Hotel Tropico Latino
Tripadvisor - Certificate of Excellence - 2016

Wow! New York to Costa Rica: $270 Round trip flight + 40% Off on accommodations.

Tropico Latino promotion


Enjoy a great vacation at Hotel Tropico Latino with our green season savings by following these 3 simple steps:

1. Book with Delta or Jet Blue airlines a $270 round trip flight from New York to Liberia, Costa Rica. See dates below.

2. From Liberia to the hotel:

      a) Book a shuttle transfer ($55 one way) or,

      b) Book a domestic flight from Liberia to Tambor  ($87 one way).

3. Enjoy up to a 40% off promotional rate at the hotel. See our special promotions. If you book the hotel directly we will include breakfast for two.

Or simply send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you with any questions you have to make your planning easier.

    Tropico Latino Awaits.

Airline Dates

30th Aug – 10th Sep
1st-10th Sep
3rd-10th Sep
10th-17th Sep
15th-22nd Oct
22nd Oct – 5th Nov

3rd-17th Sep
4th-17th Sep
5th-17th Sep
10th-24th Sep
17th-24th Sep
17th Sep – 1st Oct
24th Sep – 1st Oct
24th Sep – 8th Oct
15th-22nd Oct
29th Oct – 5th Nov
29th Oct – 6th Nov
29th Oct – 7th Nov
29th Oct – 9th Nov
31st Oct – 7th Nov
31st Oct – 9th Nov
31st Oct – 14th Nov
2nd-9th Nov
2nd-14th Nov
2nd-16th Nov
6th-14th Nov
6th-16th Nov
7th-14th Nov
7th-16th Nov