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Boost your health with natural spa products at Hotel Tropico Latino

Care about using only natural spa products? You’ll love the fresh ingredients used at Yoga & Spa Natural at Hotel Tropico Latino in Costa Rica.

natural spa products, Hotel Tropico Latino, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Yoga & Spa Natural at Hotel Tropico Latino in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Article by Shannon Farley

These days, people who care about their health, care about natural ingredients in their skincare products. They look for natural spa products free of man-made chemicals that are organic.

You can’t get more natural than actual food you would eat. Those are the ingredients used in the freshly made spa products at Yoga & Spa Natural at Hotel Tropico Latino.

Inspired by remedies used in Bali, which has many of the same tropical ingredients as in Costa Rica, only natural spa products are used at Tropico Latino, says Yoga & Spa Natural owner, Maria del Milagro Quesada Vargas.

For facials, scrubs and wraps, pure skincare mixes are made fresh for each guest using local Costa Rican ingredients like papaya, carrots, honey, cucumber, aloe, seaweed, coffee, coconut, almonds, mint, rosemary, citrus, and volcanic clay. Fresh ingredients are absorbed easier and faster into the body and have the maximum amount of vitamins compared to processed ingredients, says Maria.

natural spa products
Natural spa products so fresh you could eat them!

For massage and body treatment lotions, oils, and aromatherapy scents, Maria works with micro-companies in Costa Rica that make these items with natural ingredients, without chemicals and additives. Keeping with the hotel’s philosophy for sustainability and carbon neutrality, the spa only uses products they can get locally or that are sourced from artisan producers in Costa Rica.

“My goal with the Yoga & Spa Natural is that people reconnect with their health through nature,” explains Maria. “People come to Santa Teresa and Hotel Tropico Latino for wellness, health, fitness in yoga, and surfing. This is a Blue Zone, an area of long life and good energy. People get balanced here.”

Guests can choose the ingredients they want, and therapists also give recommendations based on the person’s skin type and desired result. All exfoliation scrubs and wraps include a 20-minute relaxing and moisturizing massage with an essential oil such as lavender, rose, chamomile, or tea tree.

Natural Spa Products at Yoga & Spa Natural

natural spa products Hotel Tropico LatinoExfoliation Scrubs

  • Papaya – high in vitamins A and C; acts as a powerful exfoliator that will make your skin lighter and softer.
  • Coconut – good for hydration and moisturizing for dry skin.
  • Almonds – good for sensitive skin because it is a fine scrub.
  • Coffee – anti-oxidant for all skin types; gives you energy due to the caffeine.
  • Fine Sea Salt with rosemary and mint – to refresh the skin from the heat of the beach
  • Fine Sea Salt with citrus essential oil – controls oil in the skin, anti-bacterial, gets rid of itchy insect bites.


  • natural spa products Hotel Tropico LatinoVolcanic clay – good for oil control, insect bites, and ridding toxins from the body.
  • Papaya, carrot and honey – rejuvenates the skin with a vitamin boost of beta-carotene and vitamins A and C; honey is naturally antibacterial and antibiotic.
  • Seaweed – tones the skin and sends minerals to the joints.
  • Aloe vera, cucumber and lavender – this cold wrap treats sunburn, helps reduce inflammation, hydrates the skin, and refreshes the body.