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Santa Teresa Beach

Shakti Yoga Costa Rica Experience

with Lauren and Kelly Farina
July 19-26, 2014
$1495.00 “Early-Bird Discounted Price!” (December 1st)


 Shakti Yoga Costa Rica Experience We invite you to join us for a time dedicated to you. Come treat yourself and recharge with the Shakti community as we journey to Costa Rica in July 2014 for an all-encompassing yoga retreat. 

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Zen: A Transformational Costa Rica Yoga Adventure

w/ Kristin Quinn, 200RYT
February 9-16, 2014
$1495.00 “Early-Bird Discounted Price!” (Until November 1st)

 Hang Zen: A Transformational Costa Rica Yoga Adventure


For thousands of years, man has had an intuitive sense of the need to step away to reset.  The transformational value of spending time in nature is undeniable.

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Las Olas Bhakti Yoga Retreat

with Rachel Roberts Kristin Luna Ray, and Joshua Canter
January 4-11, 2014
$1795.00 (Yoga/Surf Package) “Early-Bird Discounted Price!” (Until September 1st)
$1595.00 “Early-Bird Discounted Price!” (Until September 1st)


 Las Olas Bhakti Yoga RetreatOlas means wave {weyv} noun

1.a disturbance on the surface of a liquid body in the form of a moving ridge or swell.
These human bodies we wear experience swells and disturbances on the surface, but deeper within there is a calm place. It might be just under the surface or fathoms deep, but it is there and its calm potency can be called upon by those who foster awareness and stillness.

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