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Exploring the little-known gems of Costa Rica’s national parks and reserves leads me to the very tip of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, to Cabo Blanco.

The Cabo Blanco Park is the clearest example that forests can be regenerated if efforts toward conservation are pursued.This great park, extending for 1250 hectares in the outer tip of the Nicoya peninsula, was mainly composed of devastated lands by indiscriminate deforestation in the 1960's when the park was created. This small park is spectacularly picturesque with tropical forest, pure white-sand beaches, warm aquamarine sea, waterfalls and rivers .

The Cabo Blanco island is an incredible rookery for all sorts of marine birds. The island has the greatest colony of Brown Bobby birds in Central America, and also maintains the largest population of pelicans in the Nicoya Peninsula.The Cabo Blanco Park is a living example that existing ecosystems can be restored when there is the determination and will to let nature take its course.

What can you see in Cabo Blanco? About 140 different species of trees have been identified inside the park such as the "Pochote" , the "Guacimo" , and the "Indio Desnudo" but there are many trees present that are native to the whole Nicoya Peninsula area.Among the evergreens is worth mentioning the tall and impresive "Espavel" , the "Guacimo Colorado", and the beautiful "Cortez Amarillo"which bursts into a yellow spectacle of flowers during the dry months of March and April. Also you can see a huge quantity of animals such as  white-faced monkeys,the Howler  and the White-face monkeys,the White-nosed coati  and the White-Tailed deer ,the Margay  and the coyote .

While visiting Cabo Blanco, it is very important to follow park policies:

  • Don’t take anything out of the park (nature) or leave anything behind (trash).
  • Keep to the trails.
  • Don’t disturb the animals or plant life.
  • No hunting or fishing.
  • No smoking! This is a dry forest and very susceptible to fires.

Where to stay when visiting Cabo Blanco? A great place is Hotel Tropico Latino at the amazingly beautiful Santa Teresa Beach, just up the coast a bit. Imagine your own private suite right on the beach. Hotel Tropico Latino won the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor in May 2011.

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