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How can we describe a honeymoon? There are some many words and ways to describe it, some people say is the most romantic experience of their lives, some others say is a holiday taken by the just married couples, the perfect chance to escape from everything and take a vacation. At the end of the day, it really does not matter how everyone describe it, the important part is that any couple would not want to miss this experience.

After all the planning and stress of having the perfect wedding day, comes the time to relax and pampered yourselves spending quality time together. Choosing the right destination is the key to truly enjoy this unforgettable experience.

One more time, Costa Rica comes to the table, as one of the world´s top honeymoon destinations, listed by Brides Magazine and the Signature Travel Network in 2011. The charm of the country is a perfect combination of elements matching every couple´s expectations.

Costa Rica offers from some of the most biodiverse rainforests to beautiful beaches with secluded, intimate and exotic places to enjoy the essence of this destination. Offering such a big and varied range of accommodations as well as activities, the honeymooners can have the chance to choose between little rustic cabins in the middle of the cloud forest to luxury five stars resorts in front of the Pacific beaches. As for activities go, the list is wide and almost endless; you can find from relaxing spa treatments to bungee jumping and rafting, all within a few hours drive.

The most important part of a honeymoon is finding the romantic and special place that make you feel out the rest of the world, just you and your partner, enjoying every moment and relaxing at maximum; and this is why Costa Rica is a perfect spot to enjoy this lifetime experience.

As I said before, destinations in Costa Rica are countless, one of them is Santa Teresa, this secluded, off the beaten path and romantic beach mixed all the ingredients to fulfill the most demanding expectations. Cataloged as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, you can get to enjoy amazing sunsets, relaxing spa treatments, fine dining options and beautiful accommodations.

You can either choose to book your activities, accommodations and transfer services separate or maybe find some good deals in honeymoon packages. Check out Tropico Latino, a beach front hotel located in Santa Teresa, offering honeymoon services and an excellent atmosphere for this special experience.

If you just start planning this memorable holiday vacation and you are trying to find options around, consider Costa Rica as your honeymoon destination, do I need to give you more reasons? Thanks for reading, see you next time!

By Maricel - Taken from Enchanting Costa Rica

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