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Hotel Tropico Latino Santa Teresa Beach Costa Rica

On June, I took an amazing trip to Santa Teresa beach. It started on a Thursday morning. My coworker and I decided to use public transportation to the area, since we have an explorer spirit and want to experience the journey. Fortunately, it ended up being pretty good. 

We took the first bus to Santa Teresa in ¨La Coca Cola¨ station located in San Jose, the bus was leaving at 6 am, and actually it did leave exactly at time. Our trip started taking the General Cañas highway, the one in direction to the International Airport in San Jose, which to clarify it is actually geographically located in the town of Alajuela.

The bus took this route since they are not yet allowed to transit on the Route 27, which is shorter and faster, it can take you to Puntarenas in 45 minutes to one hour without traffic. Anyway, our bus took the old way and head Puntarenas in two hours, which is a good time, so by 8:10 am we were at the ferry station; however the ferry to Paquera goes out every two hours, so the next was leaving at 9 am.

The bus company buys the ferry tickets for you; they include it in the total fare, so we just got out the bus, take our ticket and wait in the line for the ferry to start boarding the passengers. By the way, we gave our luggage to the bus driver in San Jose and they gave us a ticket to pick it up at the end of the trip, so you won´t have to be carrying anything other than your purse or small backpack.

The ferry left around 9:15 am, there was a bunch of people around, however plenty of room was available for us to sit and relax during the one hour trip to Paquera; the weather was nice, very sunny but a little hot, nothing extreme. During the ferry you will be able to buy some stuff like coffee, sodas or even beers and some snacks, in our case we decided to just relax and wait until our next stop, Paquera.

After an hour or so, we arrived in Paquera, we left the ferry and wait for our bus, which was also transferred in the ferry, the same applies for cars. We took our bus again and head to the next towns, around one hour and 30 more minutes were left at the time.

We first pass by Tambor, and the bus started to make stops, then we headed Cobano which is one of the main towns in the area, some people left there. Then the driver asked if someone was going to Montezuma, apparently no one was, so we went directly to Santa Teresa.

We had our reservation in Tropico Latino hotel, so we asked the driver to leave us there, picked up our luggage and entered the hotel which was just across the street.

From the moment we entered, we felt in a tropical paradise, a group of congos were in the middle of the top trees doing some curious noises, we went thru a nice trail decorated with small white rocks and surrounded by tropical gardens, the trail is around 100 meters long, we find the signs showing arrows to the restaurant, reception and pool. We headed the reception and were very well welcomed by the receptionist. Our room was not ready at the time but very kindly the manager invited us to have lunch, it was passed 12, we had our lunch in the beach front Mediterranean restaurant, and the first impression was really high, we both had the fish of the day Tilapia and it was delicious, I also enjoyed a fruit smoothie, it is important to highlight the food is very light and healthy. 

After we settled in our garden view bungalow, which give credit to its name, since we were surrounding by the tropical gardens with the sounds of animals and a private porch to enjoy, relax and feel the sound of nature. The room was cozy and rustic, very comfortable, the bathroom was nicely decorated and it was big enough.

We took a bath and relax for a while, and then we stayed at our room navigating on the internet, there is Wifi connection in all rooms. By dinner we went again to the restaurant, this time the food was even more delicious, I enjoyed one more time a fruit smoothie, which was amazing and had chicken in curry sauce with ginger, no words to describe it, delicious, my friend had corvine and she really enjoyed it. By the time, we have planned to visit the town and look some places around, but we lost time talking and laughing, the restaurant is a good place to hang out, there were some other guests having some drinks and the waiters were very nice. We lost count of time and the rain arrived around 10 pm, so we have to run to our room, so we didn´t get wet. We were tired, so we went to sleep and enjoy the night.

Friday morning was a little cloudy, but we had a big day ahead of us, so we woke up, take the bath and went to have breakfast, one more time, delicious, as I said before the food is light and healthy, I had an omelet with toasts, the toasts were amazing, I totally love them!!!

After our delicious and light breakfast we went to our yoga class. The hotel has a deck in front of the beach, so you get to hear the sound of the waves and watch the beautiful beach. We relaxed and enjoyed every minute of our yoga class, the instructor was very professional and patient with us, since we were first timers. The class took around one hour and 20 minutes, and then we had booked some treatments at the spa.

We chilled out for a while in our room´s porch, and by 11 am, we went to the spa and the staff gave us a briefing about the services and their philosophy. They focus their work on keeping balance between mind and body, so they complement yoga, spa services and healthy food in one, to give their customers a real body-mind balance experience.

So after the whole explanation, we started the treatments with an exfoliation and then the wrap with tropical papaya, honey and carrot to revive your skin, they wrapped your whole body and then cover you up with some sheets and plastic, so you get warmed and the ingredients can work on your skin, the whole process could take around 50 minutes. While we were waiting for the wrap to finish, we also had a facial specially made for our skin type, it was very nice. After the wrap worked and our facial was done, we were sent to take a shower in the middle of the tropical forest to clean all the rests of the wrap. And last but not least, we had an amazing full body massage that took me to heaven; the massage was in both face and body.

After we finished our treatments at the spa, we felt in the air, then we had our light lunch again and were completely relax, it was an amazing combo to mix the yoga, spa and healthy food.

During our afternoon we relax at our room and the front porch and then took a tour with the manager thru the entire hotel, we get to know all the rooms’ types and the newly coming beach front suite. The hotel is getting bigger and improved, trying to maximize their resources and give better options for their customers.

We finally enjoy a beautiful sunset in Santa Teresa beach, the views are amazing and the sunset was just stunning. We spent some time there and truly enjoy this beach.

By dinner we went one more time to the Mediterranean restaurant and this time tried something new, I chose the tuna and my friend the chicken that I had last night. We tried one more time to get to the town but unfortunately it was raining again.

Next morning we went to have the amazing breakfast; I had the same and still love it. We chilled out at our porch and then went walking to the town of Santa Teresa and then go back to the hotel by the beach enjoying the views and the warm water, by this you get to see the surf vibe, very particular of the area.

After our short walk thru the beach, we need to get ready, since unfortunately we had to leave in the 2 pm bus back to San Jose. We spent some time in the room, took the bath and got all the stuff ready and we had our last lunch in the delicious restaurant, this time rice with chicken.

Hotel Tropico Latino was gorgeous, very tropical and relaxing, perfect for families, group of friends, and couples. The whole concept of the hotel gives you the sense of quietness and relaxation in the middle of one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Not much more to ask for, the perfect place, my weekend was amazing!!!


By Maricel

Martha’s House

A beautiful octagon-shaped,
two-story house surrounded
by lush tropical gardens only
2 min away from the beach.

Martha’s House  Mal Pais Santa Teresa

A beautiful octagon-shaped, two-story house surrounded by lush tropical
gardens only 2 min away from the beach.

- See more at: http://www.hoteltropicolatino.com/martha-house-santa-teresa.html#sthash.2gNiCNIE.dpuf

Martha’s House  Mal Pais Santa Teresa

A beautiful octagon-shaped, two-story house surrounded by lush tropical
gardens only 2 min away from the beach.

- See more at: http://www.hoteltropicolatino.com/martha-house-santa-teresa.html#sthash.2gNiCNIE.dpuf

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