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Surfing and yoga retreats, especially in warm, tropical places, have become the latest vacation craze.

But what if you don’t know how to surf or live in a land-locked place? Is it an adventure still worth trying? Here’s what a few surf retreat goers had to say:

“This week has been about so much more than learning how to surf ... the support & encouragement you have given me, and this beautiful place will stay with me for years to come. I never imagined myself as a surfer chick … but despite my doubts … you guys got me up on the waves.” “Thank you for the best vacation! I went down to Costa Rica feeling like I was simply walking though life but not actually living it and now I feel more alive than ever.” “The best moment was the first time I caught a solid wave. Amazing!!! I can’t believe that just two and a half months ago I couldn’t swim, and now I am actually surfing and loving it!! There is nothing like facing your fears. After that, I was like, ‘bring it on’, I can do anything.”

Santa Teresa Beach on Costa Rica’s southern Nicoya Peninsula is a hot destination for surf and yoga retreats. The popularity is so high that beachfront Hotel Tropico Latino holds retreats all year long in conjunction with Pura Vida Adventures.

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«Después de la Tierra»Will Smith y su hijo Jaden protagonizaron el filme futurista «Después de la Tierra» (After Earth). El largometraje fue estrenado en EE.UU. durante el pasado mes de junio. Parte de su grabación fue realizada en medio de la naturaleza de Costa Rica. Esta sirvió de ambientación para una trama que gira en torno a la supervivencia en un planeta Tierra indómito y hostil. La película tiene lugar en un futuro lejano de aproximadamente 1.000 años. En ese entonces, sucede un cataclismo que obliga a la humanidad a salir de nuestro planeta. A raíz de esto, la raza humana debe dirigirse a su nuevo hogar, Nova Prime.

Luego de que una tormenta de asteroides les daña la nave, Cypher (Will) y Kitai (Jaden) se estrellan contra la Tierra. Para entonces todo ha evolucionado para matar a los humanos. Incluso existen criaturas alienígenas mortales que recorren por la libre cada rincón. Cypher está herido de gravedad, por lo que su hijo debe recorrer 100 kilómetros en terreno hostil. Después de seguir este trayecto, encontrará una baliza oculta en un sitio recóndito.

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Once, Santa Teresa was a small fishing village, home to a handful of families who lived off the sea, along with small-scale agriculture and cattle ranching. Like many of Costa Rica’s top beach destinations along the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa’s isolation from poor or non-existing roads kept this tropical paradise off the beaten track for decades. From

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See beautiful sea life snorkeling off Costa Rica's Nicoya PeninsulaOne of the most amazing things I’ve learned how to do is scuba dive. It’s the closest thing to flying I’ve ever felt, and given my fear of heights (or, rather, falling from them), it feels a whole lot safer. When you get your buoyancy worked out right, being weightless under water, drifting here and there looking at cool sea life and

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Santa Teresa Beach is located on the southwestern tip of Nicoya Peninsula and it has been wining  many awards and recognition lately, being called one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Even though is not easy or fast to get to this beach destination, once you get there, you won´t want to come back!


Public bus, car rental, domestic flights, shared shuttle or private transfer are the different options to get Santa Teresa.Some are better than others and the prices vary. However, these are not the only options, now you can visit Santa Teresa using a Taxi Boat that connects the coast of the Central Pacific, departing from Jaco with the beautiful coastlines of the Southwestern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.

The traditional route Jaco- Santa Teresa is a little be exhausting journey; the long driving distances, bumpy roads and a ferry trip can make you feel very tired after your arrival in this surf paradise.

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