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See beautiful sea life snorkeling off Costa Rica's Nicoya PeninsulaOne of the most amazing things I’ve learned how to do is scuba dive. It’s the closest thing to flying I’ve ever felt, and given my fear of heights (or, rather, falling from them), it feels a whole lot safer. When you get your buoyancy worked out right, being weightless under water, drifting here and there looking at cool sea life and

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Santa Teresa Beach is located on the southwestern tip of Nicoya Peninsula and it has been wining  many awards and recognition lately, being called one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Even though is not easy or fast to get to this beach destination, once you get there, you won´t want to come back!


Public bus, car rental, domestic flights, shared shuttle or private transfer are the different options to get Santa Teresa.Some are better than others and the prices vary. However, these are not the only options, now you can visit Santa Teresa using a Taxi Boat that connects the coast of the Central Pacific, departing from Jaco with the beautiful coastlines of the Southwestern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.

The traditional route Jaco- Santa Teresa is a little be exhausting journey; the long driving distances, bumpy roads and a ferry trip can make you feel very tired after your arrival in this surf paradise.

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Costa Rica still winning top tourism honors.

Costa Rica nabbed 12 out of 25 spots forTop 25 Destinations in Central America in the 2012 Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Awards.The internationally renowned travel web

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Exploring the little-known gems of Costa Rica’s national parks and reserves leads me to the very tip of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, to Cabo Blanco.

The Cabo Blanco Park is the clearest

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The star chef and the hotel’s Shambala Restaurant were featured in a key article in the March 2012 edition of Costa Rica’s important cuisine magazine “Sabores.” Like an artist with a blank canvas, Siles skillfully creates gourmet art fusing flavors from different cultures into delicious, fresh and healthy dishes that tantalize your taste buds. Shambala’s specialized menu is geared toward Hotel Tropico Latino’s international guests and the active, healthy lifestyle that the hotel promotes with its yoga and surf retreats and classes, and natural spa.

There is a unique mix of completely organic vegetarian dishes and high quality local meats and fish.Educated at ACAM University in Costa Rica, Siles credits his real training to working with Michelin 2-star chef Richard Neat at Park Café in the San Jose neighborhood of Sabana Norte. The British chef is owner of the exquisite fine dining restaurant, a not-to-be-missed experience when visiting San Jose. He is influences India Asia with touches from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Japan, and Costa Rica Cultures . Perhaps best known for his fish dishes, he uses locally caught fish like tuna, snapper, sea bass, Mahi Mahi and “congrio,” taken right from the Pacific Ocean by the neighborhood Santa Teresa fishermen. One of Siles’ signature plates is “Tuna Tataki,” serving seared tuna with eggplant “baba ghanoush” and tempura jumbo shrimp with a sauce of soy, ginger, mint, lemongrass, honey and oysters.


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