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Cabuya Island at low tide

Costa Rica - Cabo BlancoOf the many interesting attractions on the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve and quaint fishing village of Cabuya are a fun and easy day trip from Santa Teresa.

When you stay at Hotel Tropico Latino, a top beachfront hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, you can arrange a guided tour of the beautiful Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve with a stopover in Cabuya.

The Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve is Costa Rica’s first privately protected reserve at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. On the way to Cabo Blanco, you pass through the tiny village of Cabuya. When you do, it’s worth it to stop and see the sights. Don’t miss the huge strangler fig tree along the main road – great for photographs to amaze your friends and family.



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Yoga vacations in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Yoga class at Hotel Tropico LatinoThe image that comes to mind when you think of yoga is probably a 20-something petite young woman who can do the splits in the air while lying on her back. Despite what you may think, however, that stereotype is no longer the norm. Yoga classes and yoga retreats are filling up with seniors, corporate executives, surfers and professional athletes … and they are both men and women.

“More and more American seniors are taking up yoga than ever before” to help ease the ageing process, notes the Yoga Journal. “Yoga Journal's Yoga in America study found that of the 15.8 million Americans who practice yoga, 2.9 million are 55 or older.”

And more and more men, including tough guys like pro football and basketball players, are incorporating yoga into their fitness routine, according to Men’s Fitness.

“If you assume that sun salutations and tree-poses are the exclusive domain of yoga-Yoga on the beach at Santa Teresa Hotel Tropico Latinoloving women (and granola-crunchy male instructors) you might be surprised to learn that some pro football teams (i.e. the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles) are incorporating the moves into their traditionally rigorous training regimens,” reports Men’s Fitness and Stack.com.

Turn yoga into a vacation. Yoga retreats or yoga vacations are for everyone – beginners, advanced, men, women and any age group. They keep you fit and give you restorative relaxation while on holiday.

At beautiful Santa Teresa Beach on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, Hotel Tropico Latino is a gorgeous yoga vacation destination. The intimate beachfront hotel in Santa Teresa is situated on four acres of lush, tropical gardens along brilliant white sands and the blue Pacific Ocean. Tropico Latino offers two shaded wooden yoga decks facing the beach with daily yoga classes, and yoga and surfing retreats. Famous for year-round surf and picture-perfect sunsets, Santa Teresa has been named one of the top beaches in the world for several years.

Article by Shannon Farley

Try Stand-Up Paddling while on vacation in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Standup Paddle Boarding Tropico LatinoWhile on vacation in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, you have to try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. It is one of the fastest-growing popular water sports in the world. Called “SUP”, the sport is a great all-body workout, is relatively easy to learn, and is lots of fun.

Surfers started using Hawaiian-style stand-up paddle boarding as a way to keep fit when there aren’t any waves, and also as a way to power into waves that are hard to catch.

SUP uses a wide, long, modified surfboard that you stand on while using a long paddle (like a one blade kayak paddle) to maneuver in the water. You use your weight balance and the strength of your core body to stay up and move.

One of the benefits of SUP is that since you are standing up on the water, you get great views of both the marine life below you and the scenery.

When you stay at Hotel Tropico Latino, on the beach at Playa Carmen in Santa Teresa, the Reception staff can arrange Stand-up Paddling tours.

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Destination weddings in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Destination weddings in Costa RicaCosta Rica continues to be one of the most popular places in the world to have a destination wedding due to its affordability, warm tropical weather, natural scenic beauty, first-class services, and ease of travel.

The Huffington Post reports that approximately 2 million people in the United States get married each year, and about 25% of those opt for a destination wedding in another country. As costs for traditional weddings in North America continue to rise, happy couples are combining their wedding and honeymoon in one romantic destination.

Out of all of the countless locations for a wedding in Costa Rica, most visiting couples choose a beach destination.

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Hotel Tropico Latino renews its image

Beachfront at Hotel Tropico Latino, Santa TeresaReinventing a business is like soul-searching. Who are we? What are we about? What are we doing and why?

It is a process not every business takes the time to tackle. Yet it is the most talked about business concept over the past five years on an “urgent: must do” level.

Hotel Tropico Latino at beautiful Santa Teresa Beach in Costa Rica recently engaged in the challenge of reinventing and redefining its business. They’ve come out the other side with a stronger sense of self, a clear direction and a concise message of who they are for their guests and their staff.

"It was very enlightening for everyone to be involved in defining who we are. We had meetings with the owners and management, the supervisors and all of the employees. We’re giving our staff a ‘clear North’ of how we want our hotel to be viewed, how to do their jobs, and what our essence is,” explained hotel manager, Roberto de la Ossa.


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