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Santa Teresa Beach


Santa Teresa Costa Rica Zip Line/Canopy Tour.

What trip to Costa Rica can be complete without leaping off platforms hundreds of feet up in the tree canopy to hurtle down steel cables at adrenaline-inducing speeds and jaw-dropping heights? You can’t beat it!

While staying with us at Hotel Tropico Latino on Santa Teresa Beach, you have a choice of two very fun canopy zip-line tours to try.

Mal Pais Canopy Tour:

On the Mal Pais tour, you’ll zip along steel cables between 11 platforms set really high in gigantic trees. Around you will be the forest canopy, and below you a creek and a small canyon.

Mal Pais Canopy Tour price: $45 per person + $5 for Transportation

Waterfall Canopy Tour Montezuma:

While hurtling along this cable system suspended over the forest, you will be treated to excellent views of the Pacific Ocean, the Montezuma River and its famous waterfalls. You might even catch sight of the jungle’s resident monkeys and birds. Plus, you get a bonus stop for a swim at the waterfall pools!

Waterfall Canopy Tour price: $45 per person

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